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City of Architects

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Created on 2009-05-05 11:16:17 (#292582), last updated 2009-05-07 (437 weeks ago)

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Name:City of Architects
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:City of Heroes Mission Architect
Based on comments in [community profile] city_of_heroes, this community was created as a place for folks to post their created content from the Mission Architect.

Please do not crosspost your arcs to [community profile] city_of_heroes or [profile] cityofvillains! Every Thursday evening/Friday morning, the mods of this community will post a digest version of the week's arcs to those communities, so that members will get one post just in time for the weekend, rather than many. This is to cut down on clutter in the main communities, especially for those members who don't care about MA (yes, some do exist).

Please use this format to post your MA arcs:

Arc Title:
Arc ID:
<lj-cut text="brief description">
Author: @authorname
Language: (only if not English)
Alignment: (hero / neutral / villain)
Length: X Missions
Difficulty: (solo / group / insane)
- Type: X EBs / X AVs
- Factions: (canon factions / custom)
Additional Notes: (if any)
Tags: (stuff like: comedy / scifi / historic / whatever author wants to put in there)

Please note the lj-cut before "Description".

Also, please post every arc into a seperate thread unless they are part of one big story.

Thank you for reading this. Now go create!

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